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          Product Centermore


          Fives advantageFaster, more efficient, quality and quantity, on time delivery


          Professional design

          We according to customer requirements, design specifications, in the quality of the first requirements for the majority of customers to bring convenience

          Advanced equipment

          Production of industrial grade assembly type pneumatic tools,dedicated to the production of professional level of various specifications of gun type wind group,air guns,especially oil domain type,hydraulic pulse type pneumatic tools.

          broad application domain

          Used in automobile,motorcycle,electric vehicle assembly.Repair and maintenance of motor bicycle engine,generator,air compressor,agricultural machinery,small machinery and other products widely used.

          Perfect quality

          Follow the international quality management system, with advanced processing and testing settings, complete configuration, processing equipment up to ten, more than the detection equipment for the long-term use of pneumatic tools escort



          Quality service

          Professional after-sales staff one-on-one service, 24-hour quality complaints handling, regular customer return visit.

          Support hotline:



          about usTo do the spirit of artisan products, production management to do business


          Taizhou fengleiyi machinery&electronic co.,ltd.

          Taizhou fengleiyi machinery&electronic co.,ltd. is a set of design,development,production,sales, service in the professional pneumatic tools manufacturer,located in central Chinese Gold Coast line,water,land and air transportation is convenient,network,communication,information developed in the coastal area of Zhejiang Taizhou city,The company was founded in 2010,the predecessor is the...


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